Gület cruises

The Gület cruises on a traditional style Gület offer you the chance to enjoy the beautiful, crystal clear waters of the Aegean. You can either relax in your bathing suit all day long, enjoy the good food and the sun or you can experience more exciting activities like snorkeling or fishing.

Vita Golf park

Enjoy a round of golf on the brand new golf course ‘Vita Park Golf resort’ which is Turkeys first PGA Course. It boasts the best facilities in Turkey including equipment hire. The course is open all year and is only a 15 min drive away from the hotel.



Away from the hustle of the town, with your fishing lines bobbing up and down in clear blue waters as the gulls hover by the boat, the silence is only broken by a gentle plop as your fish grabs the bait. Explore the beautiful surroundings while catching fish, only to have it served to you as lunch by the captain and its crew.


Scuba diving

Because of its beauty and richness of the underwater world Bodrum is considered to be the best travel destination for scuba diving in the country. It is called the pearl of Turkey and there are about 15 officially opened dive sites with excellent visibility up to 20 -30 m depth. In summer the water temperature is + 23-25C perfect both for advanced and novice divers.

All of these activities can be arranged by the Hotel.